My senior year marked the 25th anniversary of OU's Visual Communication program. My class was broken into groups to propose designs for an exhibition that would highlight our program and the work that has come out of it for the past 25 years. I took on the role as Design Leader and my team and I made it through all the rounds of presentations until our concept was finally chosen. 

We drew up architectural plans and elevations and worked with the fabricators so that we could make our design physical. This was an enormous learning experience. It's one thing to design something in Illustrator, it's another to have to bring them to life, while keeping in mind materials and the limits of the space. 

My team and I were able to expand the brand of XXVC into both print and digital collateral. We created a series of posters and postcard that involved quotes given to us by alumni. The website is an in depth look at our alumni and provides selected work by them as well as a small bio. We also created an iBook that can be downloaded that includes a timeline of the program's history as well as a mixture of undergraduate and alumni work. The website is still live and can be viewed here.