Volaris Airlines

Let me just start out by saying I love solving hard problems. I like taking something so overwhelmingly complex and making it not only seemingly simple, but also enjoyable to use. That’s why being able to reimagine the home page and entire booking flow of Mexican airline, Volaris, was a dream come true.

Our job as UX designers is to translate hard to comprehend business rules into easy to understand interactions for every level of user. Volaris was a particularly challenging project because the business rules where not only never ending (and federally regulated) but also the level of tech savviness was so across the board because there was such a wide range of audiences.

The Goal

Our main focus with this redesign was to make booking a flight faster and smarter. Choices you make on one step influence what options are presented to you on the next, eliminating the need for error validation and gain lower bounce rates. We also wanted to make voice and tone a larger presence on the site than it was previously, encouraging and helping users along their way to a great vacation.