Leatherman Customer Journey Map & Usability Audit

At Copious we like to have a lot of context before we start any project which is why we have such a long and in-depth discovery phase. Part of what we offer as part of that phase are workshops focused around design thinking, usability audits including Google analytics and heat map analysis, and the creation of what we call "Customer Journey Maps" which provide a holistic view of what and how people are interacting with a brand at any given moment. From the first instance of awareness all the way to purchase and beyond we cover every touchpoint someone can interact with and the pains or feelings associated with it. We then overlay our recommendations for each of the phases some of which aren't covered by the scope of a project but provides our clients with a great current snapshot of their business and a roadmap into the future. Below are some snippets from one such project I helped with recently for Leatherman, a multi-tool and pocket knife business founded in Oregon.